Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

Ron Blevens in Antarctica

While working in Antarctica, Ron went to the South Pole bringing along a couple bike jerseys. The smaller pictures with the flags are at the Ceremonial South Pole.

Spin Class

Thank you David for giving the club our very own spin classes. It has been a lot of fun.

Jim and Sue Kerr – Oahu Trip

Here’s a pic from our trip to Hawaii. It was taken at Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, looking west along the coast. We rented a tandem and toured Oahu Windward and North shores along the Kamehameha Hwy. The Kamehameha Hwy speed limit is 35 MPH with an ample shoulder, so the rides were moderate and meandering,  [ Read More ]

David Kriegshauser – OPT OUT Cycling

I created the OPT OUT Indoor Cycling Series for two reasons: to relieve boredom during indoor cycling, and to condition one’s fitness for the outdoor cycling season. Winter in Woodland Park is long, cold, and icy. I ride indoors five months per year. I created the OPT OUT Indoor Cycling Series to help relieve the  [ Read More ]

Cycling Items for Sale

If you know anyone in the club, or not in the club, who is looking for cycling stuff, I have some listed on eBay currently. It is mostly clothing items at the moment, but I am adding new items on a regular basis, so please check back often. If you have any questions about any  [ Read More ]

2012 Member Apprieciation Party

I would like to thank everyone that came. Thank you for the Amazon Gift Card and card. I can hardly wait to use it. The club recognized its outstanding members for 2011. Mary Ann Piaruk the club secretary¬†gave out certificates and awards. Linda Sands for volunteering and being secretary 2011. Shiela Harrell for being treasurer  [ Read More ]