Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

MTCC  September, 2016  Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 27th @ Denny’s  – Present: Den Maresca, President; Cathy Keeler, Vice President; Denise Symes, Penny Edyvean and Scott Adams, Advisors to the Board


  • New Ideas and suggestions: Ride with WP Middle School Mountain Bike Team in the Homecoming Parade Oct 5th @ 6:30 – Also Ride in Lighter Side of Christmas Parade Dec 3rd. Will ask for interest and participation at Club Meeting next week.


  • Anyone attending the Health Fair at the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital October 15th? Will ask at Club Meeting if anyone is attending and can look for potential speakers at future Club meetings.


  • Deb is requesting $654 from Community Investment Fund. Elections for MTCC officers coming soon. October Club meeting we will ask for nominations of officers. Cathy will send an email to Club members asking same.


  • November 1st Club meeting at Thunder Butte. Club Share night and election of officers. Thank the Sponsor Contest entries due before or at meeting. Winners announced and awarded prizes.


  • Next Year’s events discussed:
  1. Experience Ride June 17th – 2 shorter, additional distances added. May seek different spot on other side of highway. Also, Deb increased budget from 12K to 13.5K.
  2. Bike Rodeo
  3. Bike The Night – August 6th
  4. Aspen Valley Mountain Bike Race – September 30th  with later start times


  • Deb suggested the $25 MTCC membership fee can apply to any Club event registration. Motion carried.


  • Deb has updated the website.


  • We should provide the Quarterly Report for viewing at next meeting.


  • Accomplishes and Challenges Report also due.


  • October Board Meeting to be held at Base Camp. We can see if this is an appropriate venue for a Club meeting. We will review the budget at this meeting.


Denise proposed that in order to have a safe buffer the Club move toward keeping a reserve in account equal to 10% of overall annual budget.

September 27, 2016 Board Meeting agenda Submitted by Deborah Maresca

  • We have to work on electing officers for the 2017 October meeting (Nov. Elections).
  • November yearend party budget (Got permission from Thunder Butte Lodge to use facility.) $200.00
  • Do we want to ride in Lighter Side of Christmas parade? ( could be cold.)$10.00
  • Experience Ride June 17th 2017
    • Do we want to offer members $25.00 credit toward an event registration?
    • 5 people registered.
    • With t-shirt Before Jan. 1st $50.00 ($45.00 w/o T) January $55.00 ($50.00 w/o) Feb. $60.00 ($55. w/o) March $65.00 ($60.w/o) April $70.00 ($65. w/o) May $75($70 w/o) June $80($75. w/o)
    • Will mail registration packets 10 days before.
    • Active rebate program.
    • MS & Tour de Cure discount.
    • Budget for Experience $13,000.00
    • Community Investment fund 8 tables $38.00 and 1 tent – $350.00 for $654.00

October Club meeting Denny’s

  • Do we have enough door prizes?
  • Quarterly report due – Secretary and Treasurer He/She shall submit a report of endeavors, accomplishments and challenges to the Board of Directors and General Membership no less frequently than quarterly.
  • November year end meeting (more fun, more attendance? Thank you contest results – No Expiration on Gift cards verified.)

October Board Meeting

  • How can we make November meeting more fun? Talk to all members on the phone individually.
  • Officers for 2017
  • Budget for 2017
  • Banner request to the City by November 7th. 6 AM? EXP June 17th, BTN Aug 26th, AVR Sept.30th.
  • Do we do anything for board or sponsors at year end party?

November Club Meeting

  • Announce Thank you winner.
  • Announce new board for 2017

November Board Meeting

  • Kickoff party 2017 Committee – Different day then Tuesday?
  • Have members to RSVP for Kick off so we can give out membership cards. No P.O. Boxes.

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