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Here’s a pic from our trip to Hawaii. It was taken at Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, looking west along the coast.

We rented a tandem and toured Oahu Windward and North shores along the Kamehameha Hwy. The Kamehameha Hwy speed limit is 35 MPH with an ample shoulder, so the rides were moderate and meandering, breaking off to points of interests, and stopping at shops, farmer’s markets, roadside stands, Beach parks, and whale watching.

We rode 3 days, and would have likley rode more had we not experienced a broken chain and it’s entanglement with the front derailleur on our way from Haleiwa to Dole Plantation. Fortunately, a local with a small pickup picked us up and hauled us back to Turtle Bay.

Sue and Jim Kerr


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  1. Debbie Maresca says:

    Jim and Sue, Again nice picture.

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