Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

I would like to thank everyone that came. Thank you for the Amazon Gift Card and card. I can hardly wait to use it. The club recognized its outstanding members for 2011. Mary Ann Piaruk the club secretary gave out certificates and awards. Linda Sands for volunteering and being secretary 2011. Shiela Harrell for being treasurer in 2011. Jim Kerr for leading the club rides, recruiting new members and volunteering. Dave Kriegshauser for leading the spin classes and mountain bike rides. Steve Guiliani for attending every meeting and offering support. Michael Maresca for always being there and ready to help the club.

Max and Marsha from Maximillion’s did a wonderful meal. Appetizers, warm rolls, the dinner was fantastic. Everyone loved the mango moose desert. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The kids loved the addition to the door prizes and so did the adults. We had sixteen members present.