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June 10th – WE ARE GOOD TO GO! Park County has approved our permit.

June 6th, I am still waiting to hear from Park County Commissioners if we are good to go. I will call Monday the 8th. That will leave me 12 days to haul A**. Bicycle Colorado seems to think we will be OK with the new recreation guildlines set by the Governor.

Update May 27th – Phebe downloaded GPX file but I can’t open it. But I can forward her email. If someone wants it? Talked to Park Co. They are waiting for the first week in June to hear from the Gov. if we can start having groups over 10 people.
Update May 25th – Worked on updating operational books with new information for rest stop Supplies and procedures.
Update May 24th – Confirmed OK to park at 4 Mile Church if anyone would like to camp Friday.
Update May 20th – Resent Action plan to Bicycle Colorado. Got USA Cycling Return to Cycling Updates and their Action plan to follow.
Update May 19th – Reconnected with Colorado Institute of Massage for the free massages at our event.
Update May 18th.
We have approval from Teller County and are still waiting to hear from Bicycle Colorado that is waiting to meet with the Gov. to ensure state approval.
Here is our action plan for the Mountain Experience Challenge.
A member of Bicycle Colorado will be presenting an action plan to the Gov. in the next few days to show how we can still provide a safe event.

Some of these are:
Different start times for the different routes.
No Word of Pray, Safety Talk or National Anthem, No need for gathering.
Riders will start as soon as they show up.
Hand sanitizer will be at all rest stops in addition to hand wash stations, along with disposable whips for port-a- Potties.
Masks will be made available.

I will post updates daily as I get them.

June 20th, 2020

From Park Co.
We also want to reiterate that we won’t be able to get the RHH (Release and Hold harmless) approved unless group gatherings and non-essential travel are allowed by order of the Governor. We’ll have everything we need to be able to take the agreement to the BOCC (Board of County Commissioners) asap, once events are considered legal in Colorado and Park County.

We have ordered jerseys for K/Q of the Mountain Challenge.

Baking cookies at a licensed facility!
T-shirt will be glow in the dark bike!! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Register with

Check out the awesome video my son did.

Coupon Codes:
NOTSHIRT – $5.00 off for not taking the included t-shirt
MILITARY – $15.00 off for being in the Military past or present
NOTMILITARY – $20.00 off for being in the Military and not taking the included t-shirt
5YRDISCOUNT – $10.00 off for riding in our event for the last 5 years.
NOT5YR – $15.00 off for riding in our event for the last 5 years and not taking the included t-shirt
5YRNTMILITART – $30.00 off for riding in our event for the last 5 years, being in the military and not taking the included t-shirt.

New start location 8340 County Rd 102, Guffey. The fire annex station. They will move out a few trucks so that we can serve lunch and do massages under a roof. In exchange for a donation.
The Guffey loop is 47 miles so we will do out and backs on Hwy 9 towards Hartsel. The 50 milers will have two options, one with challenge and one without.

Winners will be determined for 4 age groups. Under 30, 30-44, 45-59, 60 plus. Men’s and Women’s. Plus by course or route, 8 winners for each route. 4 men and 4 women’s.

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30 Responses so far.

  1. Jason P Janz says:

    How do I register for the ride? The link on the website goes to last year’s registration.

  2. mtcc says:

    Hi Jason, I will try to email you one and look into why it did last years. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Claudia Manding says:

    Is there a link to register for this ride?
    I’d like to participate.

  4. mtcc says:

    I added to registration websites,
    and I go cycling a new registration website.

    You can also go to the Experience tab, printable registration form and mail it in.

  5. Kent YOUNT says:

    What is the total climbing elevation of the 106 mile ride.

  6. mtcc says:

    It is over 10,000+ for the 106 mile route. There is a map on the Experience Ride Tab on the website. I will email you it and a greman down load a ride did.

  7. Bob Holstine says:

    Is it possible to register and pay the day of the ride?

  8. mtcc says:

    Sure thing Bob, June 1st it goes up another $5. and we can’t guarantee we will have your t-shirt size.

  9. Bob Holstine says:

    Can you take a credit card for registration the morning of the ride or is cash required?

  10. mtcc says:

    Hi Bob, I do have an app on my phone to take payments or credit cards. However cash is fast! Walkups are welcome so what ever is best for you.

  11. Len says:

    I saw that jerseys would be for sale for $65 if ordered before Feb 14 but there’s nothing on the registration about ordering a jersey. How do we order a jersey with registration??

  12. mtcc says:

    Just let me know what size jersey you would like. Men’s Primal. Full zipper, I will mail it to you with your packet if you mail me a check or pay at the start / finish.

  13. Kathy Larkin says:

    I’m fairly new to Colorado; what is the elevation gain for the 50 miler? I’m coming from sea level. 🙁 Thanks!

  14. mtcc says:

    Hi Kathy, The 50 miler has over 4,000 feet of elevation gain. I would suggest that you sign up for the 75 miler but kind of do your own route. If you look at the map, some ladies last year rode up towards Cripple Creek till they didn’t want to climb any more then turn around. It is all up hill and then all down hill if you do not do the Cripple Creek loop.(50 miler), then they went towards the 75 mile route (towards Guffey loop) till they didn’t want to climb anymore and then rode back to the start/ finish. We will have SAG out along the route and HAM radio communications set up at each rest stop. It really depends on how you feel. The start/finish is at about 7,000 feet to begin with. One year a lady from San Antonio rode the whole route, in 10 hours so it just depends on the individual. We want you to have fun, and enjoy the open space, views and beauty of Colorado.

  15. TJ says:


    I would like to purchase a jersey. I was only given the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt on registration web-site. Thanks! -TJ

  16. mtcc says:

    Hi TJ,

    You can mail a check $65.00 to MTCC P.O. Box 843 Woodland Park, CO 80866. Let me know what size, they are men’s primal wear, full zipper. I will mail it to you with your ride packet that will include your rider #, t-shirt and so on 10 days before the event.

  17. Dave says:


    How many people typically ride the 106mi route. Looking for a good ride to test my endurance before the Triple Bypass, but would prefer not to be riding alone all day. Thanks.


  18. mtcc says:

    Hi Dave,
    A lot of riders use the Century Experience Ride to train for the Triple. I would say 80% of the riders do the 100 mile route. I will have to look up my figures from 2018 to give you an exact #. In 2015 and 2016 we had 240 registered riders, In 2017 and 2018 we had 164, I am hoping that by offering the big teams a discount we can get a least 300 riders for 2019. Plus the chance to win K/Q of the mountain for a jersey and $100.00 cash. There will only be two sections that will marked for the challenge. Those that want to compete will download their STRAVA times to determine the winners. (I broke it down into 4 different age groups so there would be better chances for winners). There is over 10,000 feet in elevation gain, (Starting at 7,000 feet). Our routes are fully supported with SAG and Ham radio operators. You will never be alone. I hope that helps, Deborah (Event Director)

  19. Rick says:

    Dave, I have ridden the century the last 3 ears. As Deborah says you will never be alone. I would say the only part of the century where there hasn’t been significant riders around is after climbing up from Guffey, where there have been riders, to the end of the Guffey loop, things thin out.


  20. Greetings,
    I am very interested in doing this ride and I was wondering if there is a Strava link I can follow to get an idea of how long it has taken others to do the ride?

    Thank you,
    Marshall Evans

  21. mtcc says:

    We haven’t set up the link to the STRAVA down loads to date. This will be our first year offering a K/Q of the mountain challenge so I have nothing for you to compare to. If you have a team or 15 members I can set you up with a discount code for, just let me know.

  22. Corinne says:

    Interested in this ride to train for the Triple. Having a bit of a difficult time navigating the website and finding some info. For me, i keep getting messages that it’s not available when I try to open the PDFs of the routes. All I can find is the elevation chart from 2014. That route says 109 miles and ~7500 feet of gain. Wanted to verify the mileage and elevation for the century option.
    Also there are aid stations with food and water?

  23. mtcc says:

    Hi Connie,
    Thanks for the heads up on the map. I will look into that ASAP. I will email you the map and we rerouted a little section so it is still 100 miles. It is over 10,000 feet in elevation gain, I will have aid stations no more than 20 miles apart. Deborah

  24. annavi says:

    Can we still get a jersey? I just registered but couldn’t figure out if I could still purchase s jersey or not.

  25. mtcc says:

    Yes, of course What size jersey would you like? Men and Women’s cut

  26. olmowebb says:

    Is this all paved roads or does it include dirt roads as well for the 100 miler. Do you have a course map available?

  27. mtcc says:

    Yes, It is all on paved roads! Maps are under the Experience Tab of the website.

  28. Jeff Duncan says:

    I’m in! I’ll be camping out (hopefully that’s allowed this year like it has been in past years) the night before and doing the 100 miles.

  29. mtcc says:

    If you want to camp out can you do it by the church. 4 Mile Church is 9 miles to the start/finish but it is on the same route so you can start from there and still stop by the start to check in, breakfast is for a donation. Then when you come back around the loop. Get your car and then drive to start/finish for lunch and massages. The church is at 6503 Florissant, CO 80816.

  30. Randy Hodges says:

    I don’t see a map for the 2020 event. I only see one for 2019.