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The Endurance Sports Coalition

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The Endurance Sports Coalition was formed with the sole purpose of presenting one voice, across the running, triathlon, multi-sport, obstacle course and cycling event industries, to the federal government.

Our goal is to secure ongoing support and relief for mass participation event operators and, in turn, the employees, athletes and suppliers who rely on us. By engaging with members of Congress and the White House with one voice, we will maximize our message.

Letter to Athletes
We’re all feeling the impacts of COVID-19 right now and we hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Our world has changed so much in the past few weeks, and despite the steady stream of bad news, some of it is for the better. More people have taken up running & cycling than ever before in such a short time frame. People of all abilities across the country are focusing on at-home workouts, healthier eating and spending more time being present with their families. When it’s safe to go back outside again there may very well be another boom in endurance sports.

We need your help to reach that point. The endurance sports industry, including the running, cycling, triathlon and obstacle course events you love, has been hit hard by COVID-19. We were some of the first gatherings and events to be cancelled, and depending on when and how the economy restarts, we may be some of the last to be allowed to resume operations. We rely on your registration fees to pay our staff and keep the lights on, allowing us to host the events that keep you fit and deliver crucial economic impact to our area.

Together, we’ve joined forces with over 600 other event organizers and industry members to form the Endurance Sports Coalition. We’re asking Congress to extend additional support to our industry and other long-term impacted businesses, so that we’re able to deliver the events you love once it’s safe to do so.

Supporting our cause is easy, and it’s important that your voice is heard. Visit to sign our petition or send a message to your elected officials. Let them know why the Mountain Experience Challenge is so important to you, and how critical it is to ensure that the endurance sports & fitness industry survives this current situation.

We know we’re not the only business and industry who’s experiencing unprecedented challenges in the wake of this worldwide situation, and we recognized that many of you may be facing hardship yourself. Perseverance, mental grit, and true determination will see us through this– just like it does on the race course.

Thanks for your support,
Deborah Maresca
Mountain Top Cycling Club
Executive Director

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