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Rest Stop Organizations Chosen for Donations

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Rest Stop 1 – JA
Rest Stop 2 – Ute Pass Symphony Guild
Rest Stop 3 – Donations for the High School Mountain Bike team.
Rest Stop 4 – Day Break
Rest Stop 5 – Messy Science Institute

Mountain Top Cycling Club will use the 2019 Century Experience Ride to raise funds for Non-profits in Teller County. We will have 5 rest stops and the Start/ Finish area. In 2018 we were able to raise $2,000.00. In 2019 we hope that by supporting 5 rest stops with 5 different non-profit organizations we will be able to give back more to the local community. If we have 200 riders, we would guarantee $300.00 in sponsorship, 300 riders – $400.00 and 400 riders – $500.00. Mountain Top Cycling Club would use the funds raised to support the local youth cycling programs and stay with our mission statement.

Here is some of the jobs that would need to be preformed:

#1 – Friday June 14th you must pick up your supplies. That would be at 421 Old Kathleen Trail, Guffey CO 80820. I would suggest you have a big enough vehicle to take up to 20 sandwich signs, 20 sandbags, and then the supplies (food for the rest stop). Tents, tables, coolers. You might need two vehicles.

#2 – There are over 100 signs that will need to be put out Friday night. Some will be on posts and attached with tie wraps that MTCC will supply. Some will need sandwich boards that will be secured with sandbags, MTCC will supply. One rest stop should not have more than 20 signs.

#3- Saturday Morning June 15th, – there is a 6 AM start. Rest Stop 1 must be set up no later than 5:30 AM. Located at 4 Mile Park, (Teller One and Co Rd 11) Rest Stop 2 – no later than 6:30 AM, Located at Wallace Park in Victor, Rest Stop 3- 6:30 AM, Located on BLM land on High Park Ranch Road. Rest Stop 4 – at 7 AM, Located on Highway 9 by mile marker 12, Rest Stop 5 at 7 AM, located at the Bull Moose Restaurant in Guffey. All rest stop areas will have a sign specifying the location with a sign and port-a-potties.

#4 -SAG – (Support and Gear) MTCC will refund gas used for the event. Make sure you start the day with a full tank and then at the end of the day bring a receipt for a refund. You will be driving no more than 12 miles from one rest stop to the next rest stop every 1/2 hour during peak time and every hour once cyclist have moved out of your area. You will need to have capability to transport 2 or more cyclists with their bikes at a time. You can take them back to start finish, or to the next rest stop for bicycle repair. You most likely would need to allow a HAM Radio operator in the vehicle with you. Once the sweep car releases you, help bring supplies back and take down signs.

#5) There are bike shops in Colorado Springs that have volunteer for MTCC for over the past 8 years. Your team can make up a take home box with some of the left over food. After you have done an inventory and note what was given out to volunteers. Rest Stop 1 – Pro Cycling bike shop has confirmed. Rest stop 2 – Elevation Wheel Comp has confirmed, Rest stop 3 – Bicycle Village -has confirmed, Rest stop 4 – Waiting for confirmation Bicycle Experience, Rest stop 5 – Old Town bike shop has confirmed.

#6) Some rest stops have intersections that need staffing, Example Rest stop 1 would need one person at the intersection of Teller 1 and Co Rd 11. and One person at the rest stop entrance and one person at Co Rd 11 and High Park Ranch road, or the 4 mile church tee. Rest Stop 2 would need someone at the corner of Masonic and 2nd street. to tell the cyclists to turn Right, watch for cars and that the climb challenge is 1/2 mile away. Rest Stop 3 – No intersections, Rest Stop 4 – No Intersection. Rest Stop 5 would need one person at Guffey, Co Rd 102 and Hwy 9, One volunteer at 100 mile turn around and one volunteer at the 75 mile turn around.

#7) The Volunteer staff must be friendly! You can decorate your rest stop, make it fun! Only have volunteers that want to be there. MTCC will provide breakfast and lunch coupons for all volunteers. Someone can drive to the start/finish area and pick up breakfast and lunch and bring it back to the volunteers, bike shop and HAM personnel.

#8) You must take an inventory!!! I need to know what cyclists like and didn’t like. You can take some of the left over food but you need to take the inventory once you have been released. Then note what volunteers took and what was returned to the start/ finish. Example: Chocolate Chip cookies – Start – 24 bags, Finish- 12 bags, Volunteers took 6, Bike shop took 6. Peanut butter Cookies, Start – 24 bags, Finish – 18 bags, Finish area 18 bags returned.

#9) You need to make sure your rest stop area is picked up. Cleaner than you found it. Return all left over food to the Start/ finish area. Return all signs, tents and other supplies to Guffey where you picked them up. Complete the inventory sheets and survey questions.

#10) Once you set up your rest stop, You will need to follow the rest stop guildlines in the Rest Stop binder. Example: Cut no more than one bunch of banana’s at a time, so that the ends do not get brown. As cyclists come into the rest stop area, talk to them! Ask if they would like a pickle, cut in halves, P&J sandwich – have some made up ahead of time placed in snack bags so the bread does not dry out. Gatorade should be mixed at a gallon at a time so that at the end of the day you should only be dumping out no more than 2 gallons. The binder will have a supply list, maps, copies of permits, phone #’s and SAG drivers will have binders as well.

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