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The High School League is doing great. I saw where they had a bike maintenance class and have about 10 students interested in the team. Unfortunately, we the board wanted to do Bike the Night, rather than to over commit our funds to the high schools levels of sponsorship. Once Bike the Night is over and we make a donation to Search and Rescue for volunteering, we will try to make a donation to the team. With no sponsorship we are no longer connected to the team’s communications.

We are gearing up for another awesome riding season. We are awaiting word from the high school that we are officially a school club. Yay! We are anticipating 10+ riders this year, and we expect to continue growing. With the growth, we have gained new coaches and parent volunteers. Two of these amazing people enthusiastically accepted the role of sponsorship team.

Paul Gabaldon and Jeff Frater will be handling sponsorship moving forward. They come with a lot of experience and are eager to contribute their skills to the program we’re building. Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t have made it this far without you guys, and we have some very grateful student-athletes and parents. Attached is a parent testimonial for you to enjoy.

Here is the sponsorship team’s contact information if you wish to get connected sooner. If you no longer wish to be a sponsor, please reply to this e-mail and let me know. Thanks again! You guys are the best!

Paul Gabladon

Jeff Frater

Happy Trails,

As parents we are always looking for ways to help our kids grow and become beer prepared to be happy, successful adults. Somemes we are very lucky and these opportunies come to us.My wife and I had been looking for an acvity of some kind to help our daughter towards independence and a stronger self-image. Fortunately, my wife and daughter came across the informaon table for the Woodland Park High School Mountain Bike team as we registered her for her freshman year of high school. We knew nothing about the team but upon going to the informaonal meeng my daughter became very enthusiasc about giving it a try. The idea of a sport that placed a higher emphasis on improving one’s personal performance over being immediately the best was very appealing to her. She saw both on the informaonal video and in the room with the current members of the team the supporve nature of the parcipants. Since she joined the team she has found this supporve nature to be more than she inially expected. She has developed very posive relaonships with a great group of other kids, coaches, and volunteers from the community that support the team. She has become more comfortable with peopleshe doesn’t know and gained friendships.She has also learned a great deal about herself. She has discovered that she can overcome challenges and exceed her own expectaons. She has learned that persistence and hard work result in being able to accomplish things that would have been out of her reach a year ago. She now looks forward to connuing to advance and improve, to connue to push her personal limits and to feel the sasfacon that comes with personal accomplishment. Since joining the team we have seen her become more con*dent and outgoing in other areas of her life. We are very happy to see her *nd a posive and healthy acvity that she is passionate about

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  1. Peter says:

    Do you know the best biking school in texas?

  2. mtcc says:

    No I’m sorry Peter, I have been away from Texas for three years now. I was a road bike rider then but if you contact NICA. They should have someone that can help you. (National Interscholastic Cycling Association).