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Seven Superb Smart Watches for Cyclists

There are many pieces of equipment a cyclist appreciates as a must, and one essential piece of kit is, believe it or not, a watch. However, not just any old watch will do and developers and designers have provided a fine selection of smart watches eager to publish our times and distances, as well as provide an ample amount of gaming options for when we are taking a well-earned breather. Let’s take a look at seven of the best smart watches available right now and discover how they can assist you during your rides.

Bryton Cardio 30 – For GPS

A mere snip at £139.99, the Bryton Cardio 30 is a lightweight option which is extremely versatile, providing a variety of capabilities including allowing you to work in multiple heart rate zones and training intervals. If all you want is a sturdy GPS watch with a few extras this is a great choice, however, it is still quite cumbersome and is not as advanced as many of the other, more expensive models out there.

The Fitbit Blaze

Beautifully designed and extremely intuitive, this could be the perfect piece of fitness kit. The strap acts as a heart monitor, eliminating the need for any surplus wires or equipment, and the watch knows what activity you are enjoying without you having to input this information. Of course it will be cycling, but on the off chance you want to try a little running or walking for a change, the watch will know. Connect the Fitbit Blaze to your phone to receive call and text notifications and to control your music.

The Asus ZenWatch 2

At £149.99 this is an affordable smart watch that is ideal for cyclists who enjoy gaming apps and for mobile casino players. You may enjoy taking time out during rides to relish a game of Roulette or Poker using an app like Lucky Nugget Casino, or you could be searching for a watch that combines leisure opportunities alongside the ability to download timing and distance apps. This is a stylish alternative to all those ubiquitous sporty-looking models currently strapped to the wrists of many cyclists.

Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

Designed specifically for athletes this watch offers an excellent heart rate monitor and the all important GPS tracking. It can be worn on your wrist or attached to your bike and is an extremely durable watch which will endure rocky terrains and any knocks it may suffer during your ride. The Polar V800 benefits from four lines of data on each of its seven screens and is extremely easy to use whether static or on the go.

The Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire GPS Watch

This has incredible GPS technology which will let you use old routes, plan new routes and track your progress wherever you go. Clean visuals ensue from its sapphire crystal display throughout your ride and if you need to adjust anything on its display while riding, it is simple to do. The watch is also fantastic for detailed analysis of your progress as it supplies information such as, calories consumed, heart race sensor, and VO2 Max estimate. Although not specifically a cycling watch, it is a great choice for keen cyclists and multi-sports enthusiasts alike.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

This is the most independent watch on our list as in you don’t necessarily have to connect it to your ‘phone to reap the smart benefits. The GPS is actually on the watch and you can also connect the watch to other sensors on your bike such as speed and cadence sensors. This watch also boasts a specific screen for cycling and is a stylish and durable option.

The Apple Watch

Of course the Apple Watch has made the list, after all, if you are an iPhone fan, no other watch will do. However, what does it have to offer cyclists? To begin with, you can answer or reject calls from the watch face and you can even dictate replies to texts if it is appropriate and safe to do so while out on a ride, which is a lot less cumbersome than dragging your mobile out of your pocket. It has all the expected fitness update benefits such as active calorie burn and you can receive workout achievements such as time taken and distance travelled. Create your own training plan or use recommendations given by the watch from a smart, comfortable and versatile watch.

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