Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

Greetings, sponsors!

October was a busy month for the team. We raced in Eagle with three racers. We also had two riders qualify for State Championships. We traveled to Durango to race against North and South. We were surprised how fast riders from the North were. All of our Woodland Park racers, including the ones on the Highlanders team, finished without incident. No mechanicals, no injuries! The town of Durango was incredibly welcoming, and although the weather was chilly in the mornings, it was a perfect weekend.

The Highlanders continued to be an invaluable support to our team. We could not have gotten through the season as successfully without them. One of their Varsity riders even came out to one of our practices to lead a ride on a day we were short on coaches. We look forward to sharing our pit zone real estate with them again next year.

We ended the season with a small party for the team where we gave out awards to each rider. We also had a positive meeting with high school administration regarding becoming either a club or a sport within the high school. They are excited about the opportunity, and we are excited to give our student-athletes recognition in their school. We are moving forward to become the Woodland Park Panthers! Unfortunately, with distance, schedules, and lack of participation and coaching support in Cripple Creek, we are unable to continue as a composite team. Homeschoolers are always welcome.

We had many successes and challenges this season. Having two student-athletes qualify for State was a huge success. We had scheduling challenges with the coaching staff and had to cancel one practice because of it. Some of our student-athletes did not have stellar attendance, so there will be standards in place next year for being a part of the team. We learned a lot after going to all of the races, and we look forward to putting all of our new knowledge into practice next season.

This was a learning season for us, and we appreciate your support. We have a lot of really great ideas for the coming years. We are unsure of what sponsorship will look like next season if we are a part of the school, so stay tuned! We hope you recognize the value in supporting these student-athletes with the opportunity to get into a fun, positive, and life-long sport. Thanks again!

Happy Trails,
The Coaching Staff

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  1. Peter says:

    Do you know the best biking school in texas?

  2. mtcc says:

    No I’m sorry Peter, I have been away from Texas for three years now. I was a road bike rider then but if you contact NICA. They should have someone that can help you. (National Interscholastic Cycling Association).