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October 6th will be the High School teams final race of the season. It was great to see so many out riding in the homecoming parade last week. I will post the updates when they come in.
Zachary Frater a Freshman went from 75th to 30th on his second race and Nathan Estep went from 149th to 66th. Congratulations boys!

From The Coach:
Greetings, sponsors!

September has been an exciting and busy month with two races. Two of our student-athletes raced their very first races. One of them finished after having only been mountain biking for six weeks. She was brand new at the beginning of the season, and her dedication to coming to every practice paid off. Our new high school principal came out to Leadville and Nathrop in support of our Woodland Park student-athletes. One of our coaches battled a barbed wire fence post and lived to tell about it. It was our first big injury of the season, and it was impressive! He received a few stitches and is good to go.

The Highlanders Composite team in Colorado Springs has been incredibly supportive of us. We have shared a pit zone for all of the races. This was the result of a request to the Colorado League by one of their coaches to have our pit zones next to each other. They have been there to help us setting up and taking down the pit, team dinners, pre-rides, warming up, and everything in between. We couldn’t have been as successful without them.

We joined the middle schooler club team in their preparation for the homecoming parade. We rode Lovell Gulch with them, and the high schoolers split up to help with different groups. After the ride, we shared pizza, watched Danny MacAskill mountain bike videos, and decorated bikes. We all rode to the parade together and many went to the bonfire after.

The pre-ride for the Nathrop race was right before the homecoming dance. Several of our racers drove out for the pre-ride, drove back for the homecoming dance, and then drove back to the race. Despite being a little tired and the course being hot and dry, they all performed really well. They were very dedicated to dancing and riding!

We are well on our way to going to the State Championships in Durango at the end of October. The top 80 points earners from each category will qualify. Zach is sitting at 43rd for Freshmen due to a stomach cramp in Frisco. Nathan is in 75th in Junior Varsity due to two flats in Frisco. They both experienced first race setbacks, but as long as the Eagle race goes smoothly, it looks like we might have two qualifiers!

Our last race before State Championships is October 6th in Eagle. We welcome you to come out and cheer us on! Thank you for generosity.

Happy Trails,
The Coaching Staff

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  1. Peter says:

    Do you know the best biking school in texas?

  2. mtcc says:

    No I’m sorry Peter, I have been away from Texas for three years now. I was a road bike rider then but if you contact NICA. They should have someone that can help you. (National Interscholastic Cycling Association).