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I, Deborah joined the Colorado Springs Cycling Club to get in some riding. I suggest that if you want to ride on weekends join the Colorado Springs cycling club, they have over 1,000 members and do riders all week as well. However, I did not enjoy the urban riding. Riding in Manitou Springs, scared me to death. I did tip over but that was a clipping issue.

If you want to ride peacefully I know Lee and Sharon Burton are great about riding with you and not judging. There are places to ride that are just peaceful long roads out in the boonies. Terryall Road just out side Lake George or on Teller 102, Park 112, going to Guffey.(road divites). In Divide, County road 5 behind Venture Foods.

If you want to ride, just do it.

I hope to see you all out riding.
Deborah Maresca

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  1. Emily Andrews says:


    I am new to the area and a beginning-intermediate cyclist. I would love to join the weekly club rides and get any other info on events and rides!


  2. mtcc says:

    Hi Emily,

    We would love to have you join us. I will be leading next weeks, June 2nd from Terryall Rd and Hwy 24 just past Lake George. 10:30 AM . I will forward your email to Lee Burton one of our ride leaders.