Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

Starting at the Ute Pass Brewery at 10:30 AM to sign waivers. Be ready to ride at 11 AM. Join Mountain Top Cycling Club for a brief tribute to cyclists that have been injured or kill while riding their bikes. A guest speaker will give comment and then a short 4 mile silent ride will be guided through Woodland Park. Starting and ending at the Ute Pass Brewery. A reception will follow with the reading of the Ride of Silence poem and an opportunity for participants to speak. All participants will receive a bike angle pin while supplies last.

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  1. Looking forward to supporting this event again.

  2. mtcc says:

    Thank you Allen, you are such a great supporter of bicyclist and advocacy. Do you know of anyone else that would like to speak or share?

  3. Lou Ramon says:

    Thank you for having such a well organized and run Ride of Silence. This was much better done than the rides I participated in in Houston before we moved up to the mountains.

    I rode for two people: the fiance of one of members of Team Mission Control who was struck by a car and died only a few weeks before their wedding; and for a training partner of my daughter in Dallas who was severely injured when she was hit by a car while on an IronMan training ride. The doctors didn’t think she would ever be able to walk again, but she completed a full IronMan two years later.

  4. mtcc says:

    Thank you Lou, It was a pleasure to see you again. Thanks for participating in our event.

  5. Garon Hilton says:

    I wish i could attend it.

  6. mtcc says:

    Hi Garon, This is a free event and open to the public.