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Woodland Park, CO

June 7th, Club Meeting

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Join us at Carmen’s Restaurant, (Next to the Movie Theater) at 6:30 PM for our guest speaker will be Barbara Caude.
“Presenter Barb Caudle, Regional Director for the Alzheimer’s Association in Colorado Springs, will discuss the connection between heart health and brain health in this research-based program. While there is currently no absolute guarantee that anyone can prevent Alzheimer’s, research seems to be pointing in the direction that some individuals might be able to delay or prevent dementia symptoms through lifestyle changes.
Mountain Top Cycling Club will be awarding 7 sets of bike headlights and tail lights as door prizes for the June meeting. This will be your chance to hear from the organization for yourself and ask questions.

Dementia is never just due to normal aging. Barb will also provide information on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as well as risk factors.
Barbara will share with the club about the signs of Alzheimer’s.
Baby boomers are not only in the position of caring for aging parents who have memory loss. Boomers will also bring a tsunami of dementia as they move into their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Find out now what type of support and information is available, and how to be proactive with research and public policy.

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