Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

The first race in Frisco Nathan had two flat tires.
Zachary did well for his first race.

From the team.
Greetings, wonderful sponsors!

We wanted a minute to give you a little update on how our season has been going so far. We had an awesome season kickoff weekend where we joined the Highlanders Composite team from Colorado Springs. The Highlanders have been extra helpful in helping us get started. We are taking full advantage of their knowledge and experience. We have also had a nutrition presentation and an introduction to Foundation Training.

With your generous funds, we have been able to purchase two-way radios as an extra communication device during practices and races. They have really come in handy and are fun to use. We made first aid kits for the coaches. We paid the team fees for the Colorado High School Cycling League and sent our head coach to a three-day coaches summit. We hosted a successful parent meeting, and have been able to supply the practices and races with much-needed fuel for our riders. In the future, we anticipate purchasing equipment for races. We are building a little nest egg as the team grows!

We had our first race in Frisco this past weekend. Attached are two photos. We had a Freshman and a Junior Varsity racer. Aside from a few learning curves, both of the student-athletes were able to finish and earn points! We anticipate more of our student-athletes will try out a race or two this season. We have been dialing in our training schedule, and our riders are getting faster and more skilled every day.

We are excited about the positive feedback we have heard from the new leadership at the high school. The new Superintendent stopped to say hello while we were doing braking drills in the parking lot before practice on Tuesday. They even mentioned the team at a back-to-school function! We hope to become a club team within the school in order to give the student-athletes recognition for their hard work.

Our next two races are September 9th and 23rd. We welcome you to come out and cheer on the team! Thank you all again for your generous donations. We couldn’t do this without you, and you are very much appreciated.

Leadville, here we come!

Happy Trails,
The Coaching Staff

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  1. Peter says:

    Do you know the best biking school in texas?

  2. mtcc says:

    No I’m sorry Peter, I have been away from Texas for three years now. I was a road bike rider then but if you contact NICA. They should have someone that can help you. (National Interscholastic Cycling Association).